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Mosher Aviation is Oxford County Airport's Fixed-Base Operator (FBO). While aircraft maintenance services and paint refinishing is a significant part of Mosher Aviation's business, we also offer flight school. Our facility consists of multiple spacious and heated hangars, and classroom space for all of the flight schools needs. The 2,997 foot runway will assist you in taking flight to Maine's beautiful North Western views, all within an hours lesson. The two aircraft used to train students are the beloved Cessna 150 and its slightly larger relative, the Cessna 172. We take pride in being a small community here at the Oxford County Regional Airport, and we have great relationships with our flight instructors who make our students feel like part of the team. Come check us out! 


Paul Headshot.JPG


Flight Credentials: CFII - ME

Rate: $80/hour

Contact Information: (207) 890-3787 


*Taking new students*

Thomas Severance

Flight Credentials:

CFII -since 6/2000

Comm. SEL, SES, MEL, Instrument

Tailwheel and Seaplane instructor

Rate: $70/hour

Contact Information: (207) 539-6056 (Mosher Aviation Services Office Number)


*Taking new students*


You can also learn in your own plane!

64228 - 1.jpg

Cessna 172 - $180.00/hour wet

4 Seater Plane


Some of you may have the question, "what will it take for me to get my Private Pilot’s License (PPL)?" First thing’s first, you can take a few, or as many lessons as you want before you commit to this journey or before you must become qualified with any written exams or physical tests. If you know you want to jump right in, or after you test the waters, the first step you will need to achieve before committing to obtaining a license, is getting an FAA 3rd class aviation medical examination, which does not include meeting strenuous conditions such as perfect vision, etc. Upon completion of this medical examination, you will begin, or continue meeting with your instructor. After approximately 10-15 hours of flight instruction time, in most cases you will be eligible to embark on solo flights. After solo flights, the priority is working on cross country flights and completing your FAA PPL written examination. While we do offer ground school here at Mosher Aviation Services for the FAA written examination, it is not required you complete that part of your pilot licensing journey with us, as there are other less expensive online and aviation seminar options. Following successful completion of the FAA PPL written examination, a minimum of 3 hours of flight test preparation with your instructor begins before taking your FAA PPL flight test with a FAA designated examiner. Overall, you will need 40 hours of total flight time under your belt, 20 hours of that being instructor time (flight lessons, cross country flights, and flight test prep, etc.) The national average is 50-60 total hours before taking the FAA PPL flight test and it tends to be the case that the more consistently you fly and learn, the quicker you obtain your PPL.

Flight Circle:  We utilize a scheduling and billing software called Flight Circle to schedule all lessons. Upon becoming a student at Mosher Aviation, you will obtain a login to Flight Circle's website to access the scheduling of your own lessons once you and your instructor agree on a selected time for a lesson. Simply log in online to reserve whatever plane you and your instructor choose to fly in for that day and time. Please reach out with any questions you may have, and we will get back to you!


One advantage of flying with Mosher Aviation is the Oxford County Regional Airport. Every minute during a flight lesson is a financial commitment and here at the Oxford County Regional Airport you won't be spending long durations of time idling on the ground waiting for flight clearances. Also, the Oxford County Regional Airport is very close to more remote practice areas you will be flying to during your lessons. Meaning, you won't be spending long durations of time in transit to these locations before being able to practice and sharpen your flight skills. Another advantage is our flight instructors. Here at Mosher Aviation we have seasoned airline pilots with thousands of hours of flight experience. Our instructors genuinely care about the progression of their students and while they won't push you into something you're not ready for, they also won't keep you in a stagnant period of no advancement. All of us at Mosher Aviation understand obtaining your PPL is a considerable time and financial commitment and we believe our flight schooling is mindful of that throughout the entire process. We hope you consider being a part of the team here at Mosher Aviation!

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